Kieboom-Werkendam BV is ISO-9001 gecertificeerd door TUV Nederland QA.

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Kieboom-Werkendam BV is tevens een EKH-gecertificeerd keurbedrijf.

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Gecertificeerd Keurmeester Hijs- en hefmiddelen, dhr. P.H. vd Heuvel

Hoisting & Lifting equipment

Kieboom-Werkendam BV from the early beginning is EKH approved. EKH and it's members commit themselves to deliver hoisting- and lifting [...]

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Fuel Station

Kieboom-Werkendam BV supplies fuels (gasoline, diesel and GTL) for recreational boating from its pontoon in Biesboschhaven Werkendam.

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Bunkers for inland shipping and offshore/coasters are coordinated form our 2 fully equiped stations and with our tankers.

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Biesboschhaven Zuid 20
4251 NN Werkendam
The Netherlands



Phone: +31 (0) 183-503 300


Opening Hours

Monday 07:30-17:30   18:30-20:00
Tuesday 07:30-17:30   18:30-20:00
Wednesday 07:30-17:30   18:30-20:00
Thursday 07:30-17:30   18:30-20:00
Friday 07:30-17:30  
Saturday 08:00-15:00
Sunday / Public holidays     Closed


Opening Hours Fuel Station

Monday 09:00-17:00 
Tuesday 09:00-17:00  
Wednesday 09:00-17:00  
Thursday 09:00-17:00  
Friday 09:00-17:00  
Saturday 08:00-15:00
Saturday 1 juni t/m 31 august 2019
Sunday/Holidays Closed


Opening hours and dates vary during holidays. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook.


In absence during opening hours, call +31 (0)6-44 01 57 66

Business Information

KVK Tilburg: 18106856
VAT-number: NL802758447B01